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Insects too have a heart, an intimate novel about the disenchantment of heartbreak, as well as the unuttered feelings and emotions that go hand in hand with certain types of relationships.

A contemporary story of erotic romantic fiction told by its main character, Julia, who dares to put into words thoughts and feelings that many of us have felt at a given moment, but have not ventured or not known how to voice them.

An inspirational story as a personal development path to cope with the unsufferable pain of a broken heart. The confirmation that no matter how much one may try to plan as much as one wishes, it is those impossible to foresee events what make up the majesty of a life.


After her latest heartbreak, Julia decides not to wait any longer for her "half orange" (better half in Spanish) and, instead, to eat the tangerines.

Meanwhile, Vanesa and Georg live at opposite poles of betrayal, while unrequited love consumes both Lucia and Imanol on a slow fire. 

An intriguing chimera of passions that begins with the immersion in the unconventional emotional journey of Julia.



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Sabela Balsa, the daughter of migrant parents, was born  in the German Canton of Switzerland, but grew up in Galicia, on the Nortwest coast of Spain. Her curiosity about different cultures and affinity for languages ​​have led her to work in different disciplines mainly in the UK, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, as well as in Spain. 

Reading and writing are two of her biggest passions. For a few years now, she enjoys putting on paper the voices, thoughts and most unexpected aspirations of her characters in contemporary fiction novels.

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